PEAR: Latest releases

The latest releases in PEAR.

Mail_Mime 1.10.11

* Fix PHP 8.1: strlen(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated [alec]
* Fix encoding recipient names with @ character and no space between name and address [alec]
* Fix the license label in composer.json [jnkowa-gfk]


Crypt_GPG 1.6.6

Fix possible infinite loop.
Use configured debug handler also in CLI.
Support generating keys without a user name.


DB 1.11.0

* PR #11: Define invalid view error and also include deadlock and lockwait errors


Validate_ISPN 0.8.0

* PR #5: Fix PHP 8 compatibility


pearweb_phars 1.10.21

Update PEAR to v1.10.13


PEAR 1.10.13

* PR #114: unsupported protocol - use --force to continue
* PR #117: Add $this operator to _determineIfPowerpc calls


pearweb_phars 1.10.20

Update Archive_Tar to v1.4.14


Archive_Tar 1.4.14

* Properly fix symbolic link path traversal (CVE-2021-32610)


HTTP_Request2 2.5.0

* Socket adapter will now retry writing to socket rather than throw an exception if `fwrite()` call
returns zero written bytes

* Socket adapter will use only TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3
(the latter is available on PHP 7.4+)
* Upgraded tests for PHPUnit 9 compatibility, PHPUnit Polyfills package
is used to run them on PHP 5.6 to PHP 8
* Test suite now runs on Github Actions rather than on Travis
* Updated Public Suffix List


Validate 0.8.6

QA Release
Attempt to fix RFC822 behaviour for mismatched braces
Enhancement: composer setup
Make tests run on PHP 7
Fix PHP 8 compatibility.
Fix test to be skipped if PEAR::Date dependency is missing.
Remove some broken unit tests
Separate the date() check and date() check that requires PEAR::Date
Use correct SPDX license identifier