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Assorted utilities for vector-valued PDLs

Changes for v1.0.11 - 2021-08-16T20:42:46+02:00

  • replaced crufty $COMP(__X_size) with $SIZE(X) in Utils/utils.pd
  • added github repo to CPAN metadata



Test and measure with Perl

Changes for 3.772 - 2021-09-16

  • OI_IPS: Fix for device bug



Install RtMidi

Changes for 0.03 - 2021-09-16

  • Switch build to cmake, should be quicker on Windows



Test POD links

Changes for 0.007_02 - 2021-09-16

  • Provide fake modules for testing to prevent test failures on systems that have stripped POD from core modules.



Create, modify, and examine PDF files

Changes for 2.042 - 2021-09-16

  • This release includes many changes to method names, options, and documentation aimed at improving approachability, but existing code should continue to work. See the new Backward Compatibility section in the main PDF::API2 documentation for details about deprecation timelines and a suggested workflow for handling upgrades. See the new Migration section for a consolidated list of deprecated methods/options and their replacements.
  • Renamed several methods in the PDF::API2 base class:
  • Merged saveas into save.
  • Added individual accessors for PDF metadata (title, author, producer, etc.). Replaced info and infoMetaAttributes with info_metadata for custom metadata.
  • Renamed the following methods in the PDF::API2::Page class:
  • Added $page->boundaries() and $pdf->default_page_boundaries() to replace the separate methods for the various page boundaries. The supported arguments are slightly different; some edge cases have been removed and new options have been added. See below and the PDF::API2::Page documentation for details.
  • Added $page->size() and $pdf->default_page_size() as a shortcut for setting the media box.
  • Both $page->size() and $page->boundaries() (and their $pdf default equivalents) now accept "WxH" page sizes in inches (e.g. 11x17 or 8.5x11). This does not apply to the deprecated versions of these methods.
  • Both $page->size() and $page->boundaries() (and their $pdf default equivalents) now accept a single number for page boundaries other than the media box, representing an amount in points to shrink the next larger box. This does not apply to the deprecated versions of these methods.
  • Replaced pageLabel with page_labels. The option syntax is slightly different (pass options as a hash instead of a hashref; remove hyphens from option names).
  • Replaced image_jpeg, image_tiff, image_pnm, image_png, image_gif, and image_gd with $pdf->image.
  • Replaced the individual barcode methods with $pdf->barcode, which is fully documented and includes reasonable defaults based on the chosen barcode format.
  • Improved spacing between barcodes and labels when both bar_extend (formerly -lmzn) and font_size (formerly -fnsz) are set and the font size is larger than the bar extension.
  • Replaced corefont, ttfont, psfont, and bdfont with $pdf->font. Unlike corefont, font requires the exact name of one of the standard fonts. Kerning is on by default (vs. off by default in the type-specific methods).
  • Renamed synfont to synthetic_font. Renamed and documented the options. The new hscale option (formerly -slant) now takes a percentage (100 = no change, vs. 1 = no change for -slant) to match the hscale method in Content. The new "bold" option is in thousandths of a text unit, vs. hundredths for "-bold", so multiply the old value by 10 when migrating.
  • Replaced the individual colorspace methods with $pdf->colorspace. Added documentation and examples for the various colorspace types except for the former colorspace_hue, because I couldn't find the standard that it implements (if one exists).
  • Renamed several methods in PDF::API2::Content:
  • In PDF::API2::Content, replaced image and formimage with object. Added a $page->object() convenience method that is equivalent to $page->graphics->object().
  • In PDF::API2::Content, merged text_center and text_right into text. Use the "align" option to set alignment to "center" or "right".
  • In PDF::API2::Content, merged paragraphs into paragraph.
  • In PDF::API2::Content, deprecated poly and added polyline. poly was the only path-drawing method that took a starting position as its first two arguments. These should be passed to a move call instead, with the remaining arguments passed to the new polyline method.
  • In PDF::API2::Content, added position, which combines the functionality of distance and textpos2 (which was undocumented). Deprecated textpos, which attempted to return the position of the "cursor" after taking into account coordinate transformations. textpos2 and the new position method return the text position before any coordinate transformations are applied, which is consistent with how the other methods in this class behave.
  • In PDF::API2::Content, deprecated bogen. Recreate using arc, if feasible. If not, I'm likely to leave the code in place indefinitely as an undocumented method.
  • In PDF::API2::Content, deprecated cr. Replace with either position (if called with arguments) or crlf (if called without arguments).
  • Tentatively deprecated $pdf->cjkfont. If you're successfully using this method for CJK font support, read PDF::API2::Resource::CIDFont::CJKFont and contact me to discuss your use case.
  • Tentatively deprecated $pdf->unifont. If you're successfully using this method for Unicode support, please contact me to discuss your use case.
  • Replaced $pdf->preferences() with separate page_mode, page_layout, viewer_preferences, and open_action methods, all of which are now fully documented.
  • Added font_path and set_font_path accessors for the font search path (the list of directories searched when a font name is included without its full path). Renamed addFontDirs to add_to_font_path.
  • Removed C:/WinNT/Fonts from the default font search path.
  • Named Destinations are now fully documented, with updated method names and arguments.
  • Outlines are now fully documented, with additional methods for examining and modifying the outline tree. Existing method names and arguments have been updated to match those used in Named Destinations. Various bugs have been fixed when reading or modifying outlines in existing PDFs.
  • Updated annotation documentation. Revised methods and arguments to match those used in Named Destinations and Outlines.
  • A PDF version number specified in the document catalog is now respected by $pdf->version().
  • Fixed space calculation between words in justified text (report and fix by Vladislav Glinsky).



We are Czech CPAN authors.

Changes for 0.30 - 2021-09-16T16:12:02+02:00

  • Add PAJOUT CPAN account.



Sinatra-ish Simple and Clear web application framework

Changes for 0.60 - 2021-09-16T12:04:10Z

  • [IMCOMPATIBLE CHANGE] fix: defense from JSON hijacking (Thank you kfly8)
  • Customize json serializer (Thank you kfly8)



HTTP::Any - a common interface for HTTP clients (LWP, AnyEvent::HTTP, Curl)

Changes for 1.01 - 2021-09-16

  • fix name



Filter history by type on ticket display page

Changes for 3.02 - 2021-09-16

  • Remove the Select overlay template in favor of a patch



Simple text minification



a web app to generate maps based on text files

Changes for 1.03

  • Better documentation.



Determine Australian Public Holidays



HTML::Any - a common interface for HTTP clients (LWP, AnyEvent::HTTP, Curl)

Changes for 1.00 - 2021-09-14

  • Return API



Validate data against a JSON schema

Changes for 4.24 - 2021-09-16T08:02:26Z

  • Add OpenAPI v3.1.x support



Bootstrap Perl inclusive CPAN from git

Changes for 0.17 - 2021-09-16

  • introduce --(no)taintsupport build option to build Perl with -DNO_TAINT_SUPPORT and name subdirs accordingly
  • generate 'mycpan' wrapper tool which pre-points to Config



Perl 5 performance benchmarking framework

Changes for 0.54 - 2021-09-16

  • support for -DNO_TAINT_SUPPORT in metainfo
  • options --tap et al. to generate TAP with embedded results



CLI utilities related to MetaCPAN

Changes for 0.005 - 2021-04-14

  • Add CLIs: open-metacpan-{dist,module}-page.



Insert a block of text from another file

Changes for 0.103 - 2021-09-16

  • No functional changes.
  • [doc] Wording/grammar.



PDL bindings to some BLAS and LAPACK library routines

Changes for 0.22 - 2021-09-15

  • switch from $PRIV(__x_size) to $SIZE(x)



Install the Mixxx fork of PortMidi

Changes for 0.02 - 2021-09-15

  • Remove build patch
  • Zeroth-pass Windows build support